Wutan New Forest

Wutan New Forest Traditional Chinese Martial Arts has been established over twenty years, teaching authentic external and internal arts including Tai Chi.

The traditional Chinese martial arts have been inherited to us through hundreds if not thousands of years. In today's modern society people are quickly losing the culture and heritage of traditional martial art teaching, and believe that continuing to strike an opponent when they are being carted off in an ambulance is acceptable. Traditional Chinese martial arts teach us about our own morality and compassion as human beings. In older times, one's teacher was also one's father, and one's fellow students were one's own brothers. Disrespect and disloyalty were treated not as the attitude of a sincere martial artists, but as the attributes of an uncultured animal. The skills, techniques and attitude are only passed down to those with sufficient patience and those with a good understanding of the requirements needed to pass the many tests that the teacher places upon us. Wutan was founded in 1966 by Grand Master Liu Yun Qiao when he made the first steps to preserving Chinese martial arts, the skills which he possessed, and the future for sincere martial artists. Many skills and secrets are ready to be learned and discovered by those that can make an adequate sacrifice in their time and energy to learn them. Please join and like our group if you have what it takes to persevere where countless others have failed. The rewards are greater than you can ever guess.